About Us

Columbia Burlap & Bag Company has been located in North Kansas City, MO for more than 30 years. The business began in the early 1950`s by buying and selling used burlap bags.

These days Columbia Burlap & Bag still sells burlap bags, rolls, sheets and other burlap products. We also stock a variety of woven polypropylene products including sand bags and bulk bags. Another side of our business is Columbia Burlap & Bag`s Nursery Supply Division that includes our complete line of wire baskets for the tree growing industry - manufactured in our North Kansas City plant. We also stock twine, pinning nails, tree trunk protectors and shade cloth. Columbia`s customers for the Nursery Supply Division include tree growers, custom tree diggers, nurseries, garden centers and landscape companies.

Columbia Burlap & Bag also has an office and warehouse in Dallas, TX - Dallas Bag & Burlap Company.

We look forward to serving you and your needs, whatever they might be, as we continue to build on a 60-year commitment to quality products and customer satisfaction.